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Pressure Therapy

Pressure Therapy

Pressure Therapy

Pressure Therapy is a computerized sequential compression therapy system used for effective lymphatic drainage. It is used by aesthetic professionals in salons, clinics, and spas. It markedly helps to treat cellulite and with body forming. It is also a necessary tool in studios where cavitation or RF treatments are operated. Pressure Therapy operates at pressures from 20 to 80 mmHg, and offers a wide range of different massage cycles (procedures), including its unique Pre-Therapy Cycle.

Each Pressure Therapy set includes special applicators – pants – that have 24 independent air cells. This amount of cell assures that the pants will adapt to each person and the treated parts of the body. Not like competitive products, Pressure Therapy allows to massage the tarsus, the area of groins and lower part of stomach. The lymphatic drainage is then complete and 100% effective.

Pressure Therapy  system also offer a very unique tool (feature) which is another applicator – jacket, that is used for massaging the upper part of body, arms and back. This jacket has also 24 independent air cells.

What lymphatic drainage Pressure Therapy can do:

  • stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
  • increases the lymphatic flow
  • supports the metabolism of skin cells
  • lowers the effects of cellulite
  • reduces the volume of massaged parts
  • increases the skin elasticity
  • helps to increase the effects of cavitation and RF treatments
  • helps to reduce weight if used periodically


Cautions and Contraindications
Therapists should not attempt manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage on clients with the following contraindications:
• Any active infection, often indicated by a fever
• Serious circulatory or cardiac problems such as thrombosis or phlebitis
• Any sign of hemorrhage (bleeding)
• Active-cancer patients, including those with any undiagnosed lumps
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